Multi url opener, Open multiple url with this tool

multiple url opener, multi url opener

Here with the help of multi url opener you can open multiple urls on single click at a time. Enter multiple valid url in url format and click on open now button

Multiple url Opener

URL, the pathway to find a webpage and reach valuable information. There was atime when a user can open one "URL" at a time, but Multiple URL Opener is the tool used to open several urls in one time in the same browser. The tool is free for all and each URL opens in a new tab, but check browser settings before opening new tabs. We offer you a tool which lessen the task of copying and pasting each URL in different browser and opening links manually. Our tool is much comprehensive to use and gives you luxury to see numbers of webpages at one time. This tool is useful for web masters, web developers, and SEO professionals.

How To Use It?

We have made it quite handy and users just have to paste list of URLs to open in input text area and click on "Multiple URL Opener" button. Please note that only one url allowed per line.

How many URLs can be opened in one click?

Normally there is no limit on opening the number of URLs. But it all lies on the resources of computer and numbers of windows browser already open. Hence we advise to open only 10-15 URLs at a time so that browser does not hog other resources and does not crash in the mean time.

Supported Browsers ?

Our Multiple URL Opener runs on all browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Midori, etc)that it supports java script. It will not run if javascript has been blocked or not supported in the browser.

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